Being rude is shrewd !

Russian Wedding roulette

Russian Wedding roul...


A russian wedding turns into a contest when Arthur Dotsaev congratulates the bride and groom in a special way. With the safety on, he says ...

Live snake eating

Live snake eating...


Wow ! A real Fakir who eats them !

Poodle Aerobics

Poodle Aerobics...


I just couldn't believe what I saw. How do they get people as crazy as that ?

Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer

Unknown Lifeform in ...


Yuck ! (in the extreme) But what can it be ?

Greatest freakout ever interview

Greatest freakout ev...


Pretty cool clip they made about the greatest freakout ever. Here you can see the original

Greatest Freak out ever

Greatest Freak out e...


It comes close.

Best of RudeTube 2009 #4

Best of RudeTube 200...


Ever seen the hillarious version of Micheal Jackson's Thriller ? We have...

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