Being rude is shrewd !

Patelic grabs Suarez by the balls

Patelic grabs Suarez...


The race for the dutch championship is on ! So Ajax Amsterdam is happy when they score 1-0 against competitor PSV Eindhoven. But check it ...

Epic Beard Man

Epic Beard Man...


For a 67 year old he has some awesome moves. And yes ... he is one motherfucker !

Kazookayele – The Final Countdown

Kazookayele – ...


It's so wrong in so many ways....

3 yr old knows how to swing

3 yr old knows how t...


in the car ofcourse, and this one is even wearing a seatbelt

The 60 farts of Spiderman

The 60 farts of Spid...


It's amazing what the human body can do :)

Shaun snorts a condom

Shaun snorts a condo...


Absolutely amazing what some people can do !

Dog humping woman

Dog humping woman...


Straight dog though , at least he's humping a woman.

Afghan Underarm Fart Music

Afghan Underarm Fart...


Its allways funny : Arm pit farting

Drunkiest guy ever goes for more beer

Drunkiest guy ever g...


It looks like me on the weekends... :)

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